Projects, Code & Downloads

Various projects (ordered by age):
- Capability Online
- Django Bingo! - Github - Netmon, example dashboard
- Pervidet
- Django Questionnaire (Django-based web application for online questionnaires)
- S60 Python script to copy contact's birthdays to your calendar
- PHP Nokia LifeBlog / Atom Post (for uploading photos directly from your Nokia 95 to your webserver)
- PDF Fontfilter, a small script to remove duplicate font-objects from a PDF file.
- VGFS, Virtual Grid FileSystem for gLite (LFC/LCG/GFAL APIs) data grid resources
- GAMP, Genetic Algorithm Module for Python.
- Python & AI code, collection of Python modules (currently only a genetic algorithm one)
- Sudoku Solver, for a university automated reasoning course. Works in a split-second, solving even the hardest puzzles.
- Locatie database, a database containing all locations in the Netherlands, complete with Gemeente, Postcode, Provincie, Netnummer and Coordinate information. (Dutch)
- Dynocraft, a university CG project, RTS-eske 'game' that works under *nix and *dows. Not really very interesting, my first dabbling in OpenGL.
- RotterTablix, a GA for the optimization of timetables for the port of Rotterdam
- GTKSDL for GTK+ 2.x, provides a GTK 2 widget for displaying SDL output.
- Qemu-workstation, more of a test to see how easy it would be, I've put this one in the fridge for now. SVN is down, but you can get the tarball here.
- Nautilus SendTo, co-authored with Ronald Bultje, small project for a gnome bounty (which I have given up all hope on getting)
- (22/12/02) Aapje
Aapje Messenger is a C/GTK+ MSN-client for Linux, made by Jasper van Veghel and myself.
- KnopNL, first dablings in Knoppix-building, morphed into Morphix!
Debian / Morphix stuff
For my deb's check here
For a lot of Morphix-related code stuff, check out the Morphix sourceforge page. For a repository of config's, patches and small packages, check