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Here you can find my papers, some random stuff I wrote or presentations I've held, mostly on AI or FOSS.

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- Parameter Calibration using Meta-Algorithms, WA de Landgraaf, AE Eiben, V Nannen. Published and presented at CEC 2007. Presentation slides, Paper LaTeX sourcefiles, Presentation LaTeX sourcefiles.

- Knoppix Hacks - contributed 2 1/2 Morphix hacks

Papers & Theses

- Data grids in theory and practice, IBM internship report, Master Thesis CS, Winter 2008 (presentation slides from GridForum presentation at Philips Eindhoven, April 2nd 2008)

- Web 2.0 and Grids, Literature Study CS. Autumn 2007 (presentation slides)

- Parameter Calibration using Meta-algorithms, Master Thesis AI. Autumn 2006

- Genetic Algorithms for scheduling barges in the port of Rotterdam, Bachelor Thesis CS. Autumn 2004

- Price elasticity of hard drugs in the time of the Dutch East Indies. For AMAER course. Autumn 2004

- Implementing the mind - A comparison of the Soar and ACT-R cognitive architectures, Bachelor Thesis AI. For FAAI course. Spring 2004

- Artificial Consciousness, the search for what makes us human, Bachelor Thesis AI. For FAAI course. Spring 2004 [PDF] [PDF-abbreviated]. Rant on AI that led to this paper.

- Paper on Augmented Reality, overview and specific details on the interaction between users and AR systems. For HCI course. Winter 2003

- Paper on Open Source Software Development, stuff on history of Free Software, Cathedral & the Bazaar and Morphix, naturally. For SE course. Summer 2003

- Essay on AI and Philosophy: The Ivory Tower of the AI. For Ethics course, dutch. Spring 2003

NOTE: Every essay or paper available here is published under the GNU FPL Version 1.2 or later.


- Presentation of Alka-linux proof-of-concept. DIME, 9th of April 2008.

- Presentation of Web 2.0 and Grids. Literature Study, Master CS. November 2007

- Presentation of my internship at IBM, the case I'm working on and stealth-project VGFS. Internship IBM, Master CS. November 2007

- Presentation of Parameter Calibration using Meta-Algorithms. KIM-presentation, Master Project AI. November 2006

- Implementing the Mind - Cognitive Architectures. Second presentation for FAAI course. June 2004

- Custom Debian Live CDs - Debian, CDD and Morphix. For DebConf 4 in Porto Alegre, Brazil. June 2004 [audio recording]

- Consciousness, AI and Philosophy. For FAAI course. Spring 2004


- Tutorial: Creating GIF89a animations using Gnuplot, Python and ImageMagick

Some selected Rants

- Why Copyright sucks in the Internet age

- The Linux Desktop Myth explained: why it just won't work for John Doe

- Diversity and Viri

- Altruism and FLOSS

- Dreaming and Dreamers

- Bitterness in FLOSS-land

- Freedom; on Plato, Democracy and Efficiency

- Web-driven GUI applications done right, Toolkit Fun

- What Microsoft does right

- The future of commercial usage of FLOSS

- Why the Netherlands should abandon the UN

- The Paradox: commercial free software

- Odyssey project proposal, from 2001. We've come a long way, but my arguments are still valid, maybe even more so. Needless to say, Odyssey didn't get anywhere, but I've been looking back at it every now and then.

Interviews I've given

- Automatiserings Gids, Interview on my internship at IBM (9/11/2007)